Payment Processing

Built in Merchant Accounts

With Flipcause there's no need to sign up for other costly merchant services. Your Flipcause account comes with built-in payment processing at industry-low rates.

Lowest Rate Guaranteed

Flipcause has the lowest effective guaranteed rate in the industry. You won’t pay more than just 1.5% effective rate on website payments in any given quarter.

Full PCI Compliance

With Flipcause you don’t have to worry about getting your own PCI compliance. All Flipcause technology has built in compliance so you don’t have to deal with it.


Every time you process a payment, Flipcause converts sensitive credit card information into fully encrypted tokens that you can charge in the future.

All Card Types

Visa, Mastercard, American Express. Credit, Debit, and International cards. Process all the payments your heart desires.

Fast Bank Transfers

Add as many transfer bank accounts that you need to quickly and easily transfer funds right from your dashboard.

Frictionless Set Up

From online store orders to event registration, association dues and tuition payments to bona fide donations - the Flipcause gateway is available whenever you need it.

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