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Integrating Flipcause is fast and easy

Our flexible campaign options ensure you can set up exactly how you need it - when you need it.

Mobile Ready

All integration tools are mobile responsive right out of the box! No coding or customization required, ensuring that your Flipcause tools look great the moment you install them on your site.

Several Integration Types

There are many integration types to choose from. Direct embeds, pop ups from buttons, and redirects to hosted campaigns are all available in the Flipcause Integration center!

No tech knowledge required

Very little technical experience is required to generate campaign integration codes and install it yourself. If you can embed a Youtube video, then you can install Flipcause.

Integrated or fully hosted, the choice is yours

Fully Hosted Campaigns

Fully hosted campaign sites are available to launch without the need for any integration. Hosted campaigns utilze Flipcause’s full campaign designer while ensuring you have a dedicated place to run your campaign. Use the hosted campaigns to get emergency appeals or robust events off the ground in minutes.

Fully Integrated Campaigns

When you utilize a fully integrated campaign, it is fully branded to your organization to work seamlessly with your website. Unlike other fundraising platforms, your supporters never leave your site to complete their transaction. Fully integrated campaigns are built with robust security details to build trust right off the bat.

Let us handle it for you!

If you are having trouble or lack the time to install Flipcause yourself, not to worry - we can do the installation for you! Your Success Team can advise you or your technical team, or can fully complete the integration based on your needs. Concierge integrations come with all accounts at no extra cost!

Fully install flipcause on your site in just a few clicks!


The Flipcause Web Pack: hosting, maintenance & security

Website Content Transfer & Hosting

Our web technicians take content and images from your current website and transfer it to an easy-to-use, modern web builder. We've partnered with Weebly, a trusted website creator with drag-and-drop editing, seamless Flipcause tool integration, and free hosting, to ensure your website is beautiful - and actionable!

On-Call Website Technician

Your Success Team includes a website technician who is always available to make updates to your website, add new fundraising and community engagement campaigns, and troubleshoot any issues that come up. We know that keeping your website up-to-date can be a full-time job, so we're here as your dedicated technology partner to help!

SSL Certificate & Installation

In this day and age, website security is more essential than ever. All websites through the Flipcause Website Package come with a built-in SSL certificate and free certificate installation. SSL certificates secure sensitive information so that the data being sent is only accessible to specific recipients, creating a foundation of trust for your supporters.

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